Re-working Trousers For out of office days

When your office is too casual for work clothes, you improvise. 

Ah, work.  Where most of us spend our days behind a desk with minimal movement.  I spend probably 50+ hours at work every week, plus after work hangs with coworkers. So essentially most of my outfits are seen by the same people. With that said, my office is EXTREMELY casual. I find myself with almost zero motivation to dress up, which leaves me with half a wardrobe untouched. 

I tested this casual theory by wearing a different pair of black jeans every day for a week.  The catch was the jeans were progressively more distressed through the week.  By Friday, I had multiple gaping holes and no one seemed to notice. With no one to care about what I wear, half my wardrobe tends to stay unworn, specifically all the workwear that I purchased in college. Those career counselors really mislead me about my wardrobe.  

This is why I decided to rewire my brain on way I think about trousers, pencil skirts, and blazers.  Starting with trousers, I'm incorporating more of my workwear into my out of office outfits and weekend looks.  Trousers are super comfy; they resemble sweatpants but a bit classier.  Trousers can also look stuffy AF, but the fabric is soft and smooth, and you have all the room.  Plus, they take less effort than jeans. 

Tee and Trousers Edited-6.jpg

Not sure what you wear to work, but if your office is casual enough to wear jeans most days, the tee and trousers combo is a great friend during the summer work hours.  Not only can still look serious for those midday meetings, but also friendly enough for casual lunch with your coworkers.

Roll up the bottoms of your trousers to show off more leg, and win that cool, casual, and work friendly vibe even at coffee with a friend.  As always, a go-to of mine is a pair of loafer mules--super easy to wear and ups the chic factor.  For a more dressed down style, try a pair of Vans slip-ons or open toed sandals.

What I wore: 

Zara Stripe Tee is S (Sold Out) // Asos Peg Trousers is 00 (Sold Out) // Topshop Bow Mules in Size 5 (Sold Out) // Brixton Fiddler Hat is S // Asos Square Cat Eyes (Sold Out) 

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