Too Short for..... New Look Petite Jeans - Review

Out of all the clothes that short people have to struggle with, jeans have got to be worst. Petite jeans are hard to find in general, but you still aren't sure which jeans have the proper fit for you. I'll be starting a new series where I review different jeans and how they fit.  First on the list is New Look's Supersoft Skinny Jeans.

My stats:  

I'm 4'6" so my inseam is about 25.5 to 26 inches.  My waist is about 23 to 24 inches.  

New Look Petite Jeans Stats:

New Look usually carries jeans with 28" inseam, but they also have 26" inseam.   Waist goes from 23" to 32."  They do have different styles and fits of jeans to choose from.  These are called the supersoft skinny jeans.  


I got my New Look jeans in the 23"26" size. These jeans are like wearing a leather glove; a little hard to get on at first, but feels great when they are on.  These are also the first jeans that actually fit me perfectly without have to fold the bottom, which is saying something.  If you are super short like me, the 26" is great especially if you never find jeans that actually hit at the ankle. You'll definitely feel more tall and confident.  


For the price you pay for New Look Jeans, the quality is pretty decent.  I have washed these jeans once, and the color has barely faded. They are pretty pleasant to wear, maybe not super soft but still comfy. They have a more jeggings type feel than jeans, but without all the stretch. This is kind of a downside so I would size up based on your waist. The color is a bit off, where it'll supposed to be dark blue but look more like a pigmented bright denim


I'm pretty happy with these jeans.  Again, these New Look jeans have been the only jeans to not only have fit properly length wise, but also the only jeans I have struggled to get into.  I understand every girl's pain now.  The color was brighter than in the website photos, but I do like it.  These are great jeans to throw on for casual meetups and lazy days.