Ruffled Feathers

Getting over winter with monochrome and ruffles.

Oh the trees that signify winter has not ended yet. Yet somehow it's still sunny.  I think people are a little confused about the weather. Even the weatherman can't decide whether it should be snowing or be sunny outside. It's ruffling some feathers, especially mine since I still can't decide if I need to retire my winter coats. While I'm staying inside, I'll be putting the February playlist on repeat. This is why it's necessary to have a spring transitioning wardrobe. Monochrome is trendy for the spring so why not combine it with some winter wear.   

I paired a cream ruffled sweater with a plaid skirt and olive thigh highs. I was waiting for this sweater to go on sale, and finally it's in my hands! The ruffle details are amazing, and the sweater is incredibly warm.  I usually wear tights, but thigh highs are just as great and less constricting. Just be careful of the wind blowing up your skirt, or at least wear cute underwear. I'm actually setting off some school girl vibes in this outfit.  However, I'm pretty comfortable with my height, so I'm not opposed to looking a bit younger if it means I get to wear a cute outfit.  At least the coat ages me a bit.

A biker coat is pretty necessary from the way I look at it.  Sometimes you can't wear a leather jacket as much as you want to wear it all the time, so a biker coat is the next alternative to looking badass.  I tried out this biker coat with leather lapels, which also happened to be in a petite size.  It gives a posh, edgy vibe to my school girl look.  It's a great length, hitting right above my knees and not overpowering my small body.

I talk about weather a lot, but it's such a huge factor for the way you dress.  If the weather actually conformed to our social expectations of what it should be depending on the month/season, dressing up wouldn't be such a problem.  Still, I'm a little happy that North Carolina got to see a little snow this winter even if it was pretty late.

INC Asymmetrical Coat // Ladakh Ruffle Sweater //F21 Black & White Plaid Skirt // Olive Knee-High Socks // Metallic Accent Boots

Since I keep forgetting to mention it, I actually got a pretty dramatic haircut a few weeks back. Usually my mother comes with me when I get it cut (since she feels like my hair is some kind of property of hers), but she left me alone with the hair stylist this time.  I told her to cut off about five inches, and this is the result.  Needless to say, my mother freaked out.  But what's done is done.  I'm trying to grow it out to shoulder-length for the spring and summer, so hopefully this works out.  Basically, my hair is also in a transitioning period, much like the weather.

Photo Credit: Anjali Patel