Shibuya! In Color

Walking the streets of color. I don't have anything clever. 

About this time a year, I go a bit insane.  I'm one small person planning a mid-sized conference around a huge music festival.  I spend a whole month ignoring my normal life and focus on the random pieces that put together an annual summit that's mostly ends up being a damn good time.  I stress not-eat, lose weight, and sleep less. It's crazy, but I love it.

A month is a long time for me to be away, but it means I've been putting off a lot more than usual. It's fine.  I have never said I would blog full time ever.  Blogging full time leaves you with plenty of opportunities, but I also keeps me aways from industry I want to be in. For my absence, I wanted to share some of my Japan photos FINALLY.  I've been editing forever.  

I'm not a very colorful person, but Shibuya, the hipster ward of Tokyo, surrounded me in color. Yellow, pink, blue--I broke my rule of neutrals and was drawn to these brightly colored buildings.   I wore a monochrome outfit and strolled through the streets. It was hard not to stop every five seconds to get a photo, but after meeting YU, a local photographer, I got used to her stopping and snapping. I'm sharing some of my colorful walls and buildings I found along the way of Shibuya's urban vibrance. 


Nasty Gal Ruffle Top (Sold Out) // Zara Colorblocked Skirt // Sol Sana Clarice Mules // Lack of Colour Spencer Boater


Photoset by YU