Small Girl, Big Coat

She's in a long pink coat tonight, waiting for you in the downpour outside.

I'm late in the game of coats. Winter's almost over, and spring is just around the corner. However, finding the perfect coat takes quite a while. You can get away with shirts being too big and not fitting correctly, but not as much with a coat. Even in coat world, over-sizedness has to still look like it fits.  Would a small girl like me want to look like she's walking around in her dad's coat? The answer is no. 

I picked up the Katy Coat from Oasis Fashion.  They're a British retailer known for their trendy work styles.  You can also find them in Asos.  I figured since I had to use their $100 gift card that I might as well try out a coat.  

While it is a bit longer on me, it's not as bad as I thought it would be.  The key to wearing to a coat like these is dressing down your outfit and making the coat your statement piece.  If you wear a lot of black, the pastel coat trend is perfect for you. I feel like a flamboyant gangster from the 1920s with my color-blocked panama hat. I'm ready to investigate all the style crimes.

Oasis Katy Coat // UO Colorblocked Panama Hat // UO Navy Honeycomb sweater // F21 Black Jacquard Skirt // Dorothy Perkins Black Wellies 

Wear your coats big. You'll look that much more intimidating.