My Go To Sunglasses Brand for Petite Faces

Here ye, here ye, Spitfire to the rescue

My style may change frequently, but my sunglasses do not.  I tend to wear sunglasses more because I my eyes are tired, and I wear glasses regularly.  My face feels naked without a pair of shades. You may have noticed that over the last year I have been rotating through the six or seven pairs of shades.  They might be all different styles and shapes, but the brand stays the same.  I discovered, Spitfire Sunglasses, an LA-based sunglasses company that creates some of the coolest and futuristic styles of sunglasses, and it has changed my life. Overdramatic, right?   

I've never been as loyal to a sunglass brand, or to any brand really, until now.  Spitfire sunnies have been dominating my face for the last couple of months, and I can't see myself wearing any other brands of sunglasses to this point. There's a few reasons why: 

low price. high quality.

The thing with sunglasses is that you usually lose a pair or break it pretty easily.  It makes it that much scarier to spend more on a pair, when you have a high chance of losing them.  When I say that Spitfire sunglasses are reasonably priced, I mean it. At full price, a pair goes for $39 to $59 at the most. That's hell of a lot cheaper than a pair of Ray Bans.  Though, you'll find sunnies regularly on sale for $20 or less.  You can't beat that kinda price without losing quality.  The shades are thin but have lasted over a year without any scratches or lose arms.  

Take for example my favorite pair of casual shades, the Spitfire Infinity.  I wear these more regularly and throw them around a lot  They they feel more expensive but can be easily replaced without dropping the dough.   



How sunglasses look on you depend more on face shape, but you can't determine if a pair of aviators or wayfarers look great on you if they take up most of our face.  A petite face means it's harder to find sunglasses that are proportionate to your face size.  A basic wayfarer that you can find anywhere will look colossal on me. Similar to how people will put their adult sized sunglasses on their babies cause it's funny how big the glasses are to their head.  This makes for finding sunglasses that aren't too oversized harder to find.

Spitfire sunglasses are smaller in size and also paper thin.  They have been the perfect size for my face thus far and have not been disappointed.  The thin frame keeps it sleek and shadows less my face less.  If you're a fan of smaller frames, regardless if you have a petite face, Spitfire shades have a way The Warp Shades are a favorite to wear because they're similar RayBans but smaller and super thin.  


The greatest part of Spitfire, to me at least, is the style and uniqueness.  New styles and new colors draw me in and grow my collection of sunglasses. I'm on mission to collect all the colors and styles that I like.  I'm on a first name basis with all the shades, from Nexus, Warp, Infinity, PostPunk, Trip Hop to Intergalactic.  Their take on an even classic styles like the Lennon glasses are a game changer.  The mirrored reflection on all pairs is also A+.  No matter the color they are always reflecting in the sun. 


I have yet found sunnies as unique and minimal as Spitfire's, but it will take a lot for me to buy another pair of sunglasses.  Shop below to see all my favorite shades. Maybe you'll find your new go-to pair of sunnies. Leave your favorite style in the comments.