Step Into My Dream Closet

I may be a small person, but my closet has big dreams.  

I've never really appreciated space until I went to college.  While our room was the standard dorm size, it gets a bit cramped when all you have is a broom-sized closet to fill and two people's worth of stuff.  You get clever with how you organize your clothes and what you really need. Though, I didn't want to have to be clever.  I just wanted a closet that really organized my life for me.  

 This got me thinking; so what would my dream closet look like? 

I find myself looking at my current closet (which is filled to the brim with summer clothes, winter clothes, bengali style clothing, shoes, and so much more) and thinking, "Well, this is definitely not enough."

Maybe I want a closet that looks like a library, or maybe I want a closet that is hobbit sized so I never have to reach up.  Either way, I want a closet that I can basically sleep in and live my life out of.  So yes, a minifridge is needed. So is the ease of finding everything that I need without having to search. 

Again, this is a fantasy.  Fantasies have a slim chance of coming true, but a girl can hope.  The possibilities are endless, but there are some key essentials that I would want in my closet.

Unconventional Black Marble 

I have two sides to my personality.  One side likes things clean with black and white, and the other side enjoys woodsy textures and colors.  The minimal side won over and black marble accents seem like the perfect accent.  From the vanity countertops to the cabinet handle bars, it's the little touches that pull together a room.  I'd appreciate some fluffy grey carpet to go along with the black marble.   If you're not obsessed with marble, are you really a fashion blogger? 

The Shoe Wall

The first thing I want to put in my dream closet is a shoe wall.  No matter how old or worn, shoes are like family, and all of them need to be displayed.  That's all I have to say on this matter.  Shoe wall speaks for itself. 

A lit mirror and accessory station.  

I've never been an accessory person or one to take my time doing my makeup, but maybe it's because I don't have the right setup.  A sitting area with a light up mirror would be the perfect area to do my make up.  Cabinets would be the answer to display jewelry and all my hats and scarves.

Two Stories

I've gone back and forth on whether I could use a rolling ladder to reach the higher stuff, but then I thought why not make it two stories? The first floor can be summer/spring and the second floor can be fall/winter.  

A Smart Closet

Having a ton of clothes can be comforting and overwhelming at the same time.  I think asking for a Siri for your closet doesn't seem too far out of reach now.  Basically this would be a computer system that catalogs all your things so you can easily pair outfits and find the items you need.  Maybe I'm getting a bit carried away, but what's really stopping my dreams other than me??

I  recently came across a company called MakeSpace. They are a new service with self-storage locations across the United States. They come to your place, grab your stuff, and store it. It's kind of like having a second closet, or even a personal assistant that brings you your stuff at a snap of your fingers.  While I want to deck out my dream closet with as many features as I can, it's also out of the cards for the moment.  MakeSpace provides an alternative solution to recreating space.  Maybe I can explore this some time in the future.  How would you build your dream closet?