Out of the Linen Closet for Fall Weather

Not your mom's linen outfit.

Lately I've been more self-aware of my monthly spenditures and where my paycheck really goes.  From all the overpriced coffee, the expensive lunches with my coworkers, multitudes of concerts I've been going to, to the clothes I buy, every month adds up a lot.

In an effort to be more adult, now that I'm 23, I decided to download an app.  Not just any app, the Mint app.  Mint is a millennial way to streamline all your bank accounts, your bills, and also manage your budgets.  It's like the lazy version of a financial planner, where you don't have to talk to anyone and really do much.  October's hard reality check has set me on the path of reevaluating some of the areas I spend the most on, mostly clothes.   (By the way, this is not an ad. I have to say this now to make sure you know I'm not spitting out fake advice)

Being a blogger makes purchasing clothes more like a "business expense." Blogging is my livelihood, so I need to invest.  One of the examples of crap I say to myself to justify my purchases. It's a passive pressure to keep up with the latest trends and keep up with other bloggers.  However, as a blogger I want to be conscious of putting together a wardrobe that lasts longer than a season.

Last year, I purchased a Just Female striped linen set that I took to Australia.  I love this set, but have not found a new way to wear the set ever since, considering it was a pretty penny.  With summer temps still making headway through fall (thanks global warming), linen can still be a perfect transitional attire.  I like to associate linen with high middle class elder ladies who don't have much to do, except visit TJ Maxx in the middle of the day.  Linen is pretty practical though.  Long sleeve, but still breathable.

The minimal button down detail adds more a more contemporary feel. Some black jeans and the trendy newsboy cap are my go to now for easy style.  Normally I prefer a tucked style for oversized tops in an effort to not drown in fabric. However, a pair of minimal heels adds some balance and make your legs look longer.  This is an outfit that is comfortable and stylish to wear for work or light errand days that consists of visiting TJ Maxx in the middle of the day.

Someone pray that I make it through November and don't fall victim to Black Friday sales. 

Just Female Gibli Top in XS (Sold Out) // Topshop Petite Joni Jeans in 24 // Brixton Fisherman Cap in S // New Look Grey Block Heels in Size 4 (Sold Out) // Spitfire Warp Sunnies

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