Hiding Among the Sunflowers

But first an outfit for camouflage

Hi guys, I've been in hiding for the last month.  Literally, as you can tell in this sunflower field that I decided to go incognito in.  Though, I have a tendency to do this throughout the year, so not anything new. Sometimes it's nice to smell the flowers now and post about it a month later.   

Every year, the City of Raleigh grows a sunflower field that blooms in July.  The sunflowers flourish for two weeks and start wilting soon after.  This year the sunflower field relocated to Dorothea Dix Park, drawing thousands of people.  I stopped by with my friend at probably the most inconvenient time of the day; it was a Saturday at 3pm with full sun and no cloud coverage.  So wearing a lightweight outfit was priority.

In order to die in the heat, but also disguise myself as a sunflower, I paired a lightweight yellow high neck top with a linen striped skirt and a hat for extra coverage. I've never been a huge fan of yellow, but this top was more of a pastel yellow, so not too bright and in yo face. Though I think yellow scares me more because it's such a "happy" color and I'm filled with cynicism and self-loathing. 

Sunflower Fields in Raleigh

Linen is my choice of fabric at the moment, and the fact that this paper bag skirt has a great pattern and is breathable material is a serious summer win. I also love the paper bag detail for petite folks; the added belt and ruffle hem defines your waist for an hourglass silhouette.   The linen like fabric is very floaty and perfect for these extra hot days. I'm also a fan of skirts with a nice leg slit.  

I always wanted to point out this bag purchase.  I don't care for bags as much, but I fell in love with the Parisa Wang bracelet bag.  It's a very small crossbody, but you can also take off the strap and wear it on your wrist like a bracelet. This is probably my most expensive purchase in a while, and I'm excited to take it for travel. For now it's been a great bag for concerts when the only things I need to carry is a wallet, phone, and lipstick. 

I've been a recluse in attempt to study like a good person for the GMAT and have better focus.  Though I have terrible concentration and did alright. Definitely will need to take it again.  Unfortunately this means another month of hiding away later down the road.  Right now, I have taken a break from all the word problems and reading comprehension for a quick update. 

Outfit Details: 

Pieces Smock Top is XS // Zara Linen Stripe Skirt is XS (Sold Out) // Raye Pom Pom Mules in Size 6 (Sold Out) // Lack of Color Spencer Boat is S // Le Specs Lolita Sunglasses // Parisa Wang Bracelet Bag