A Warm Welcome for the Teddy Coat

If Margo Tenenbaum was short, Asian, and petite

This past March I was in a frenzy to find the perfect teddy coat to take on my Iceland trip. H&M and Topshop released a few different styles that immediately sold out. Even after several restocks, I couldn’t get one in my size. The fates aligned and Warehouse had the perfect teddy coat to take with me for Icelandic cold days. Little did I know that nine months later, that every store would be selling teddy coats. However, I have an OG version so mine is better.

I call this the Margo Tenenbaum version. With my short and unruly hair and an oversized, but sophisticated teddy coat, I’m at least the ten year old who stole Margo’s coat and now playing pretend. However, a teddy coat is perfect for a vintage-inspired look and can up the level you look rich by 20 times.

While heading to the Perlan Dome, a classy affair with an amazing view of Reykjavik, Iceland, looking chic and warm was the goal. My teddy coat is a rich caramel color that oozes coziness, so an all black look is great way to make a statement. Plus the whole wrapped in faux fur is a nice luxury to have.

Also shoutout to this black sweater with the coolest fur cuffs It’s a such a fancy detail to amp up a black sweater and also very soft.


Warehouse Petite Teddy Fur Coat - Perlan Dome


Outfit Details:

Warehouse Teddy Coat in Size 2

Zara Fur Cuff Sweater in XS

Topshop Joni Jeans in 24

Spitfire Sunglasses in Infinity


Zara Fur Cuffs Sweater - Perlan Dome