The Belle of the Streets and Her Cool Girl Leather

Sometimes it's cool to have sleeves too long.

Perfectly drooping like a decaying flower, bell sleeves turn the ugly sleeves that drape too long into wonderfully flared out additions.   You can even get different bell shapes. A trumpet style, a layer, a full blown belle, it's starting to become endless. I found one of my all time favorites in the HM collection, it's a gem really.  Fitted trumpet style bell sleeves that's more high style than fast fashion.  

There's many ways I could have styled this sweater, but I wanted to show off the sleeves even if I wore a jacket over it.  A classic piece, a leather jacket, was the perfect way to bring edge to this form hugging sweater. Creating a street style look that mixes delicate pieces with a rugged overtone is a killer combo. Especially when you feel the need to dress up, but add a personal touch of cool.  I'm definitely the belle of these streets. 

Sole Society Grey Boater Hat and HM Bell Sleeve Jumper