The Cape Sweater That Any Stylish Superhero Would Wear

Cape sweater to the rescue.  

If superheroes were allowed to choose stylish winter outfits, a cape sweater would be the first thing on the list.  Everyone is on the go, including your average hero, and the amount of style time that this cape sweater saves is unimaginable. It's effortless chic that you can wear in any combination.

Like any superhero, I've styled this ASOS cape sweater with some form-fitting leather leggings that Wonder Woman probably wishes she had when its chilly.  The cape sweater takes away the frustration of trying to find your hands within a cape, and fuses it with its shapeless qualities.  Not to mention, the sleeves constrict your arm movements so you're not flailing your hands everywhere. Basically,  you are forced to walk with purpose and you know what's in style. 

For all the petite people all there, this is perfect for elongating your torso.  It's hard enough wearing a cape without literally looking like a potato sack, but the mock neck details and sleeves gives you some of your body parts back. Plus leggings are a short person's best friend.

Asos Petite Cape Sweater // Leather Leggings // Metallic Boots // Vintage Ray Bans 

Extra photo where I stand next to a tree but on a stool, because why not?