Tom Haverford Style - Jetting Around

Traveling in style according to Tom Haverford. 

Tom Haverford has such a unique style that it takes a while to find the replicas of his outfit.  Of course, my style has a bit more of a feminine edge.  Jetting Around is the next installment of the Tom Haverford Style series, which is perfect for anyone who has caught the travel bug.

 I think Tom was on to something about business comfort.  I read somewhere on Linkedin that wearing your work clothes is advised on the plane because you never know who you'll meet.  Of course wearing a stuffy suit means you'll also miserable on your air journey as well.  Tom's "Jetting Around" style hack is perfect.  Wear a pinstripe blazer that brings about the sophistication, but pair it with a scarf for some coziness.  I opted for a grey pinstripe that looks more blue than grey, but it's great for a casual business when you're traveling.  A perfect accessory is a tote big enough for your laptop and some other essentials and you are set.  Sit in economy like it's first class. 

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Topshop Grey Pinstripe Dress (Similar from F21) // UO Mini Black Tote // Mango Check Scarf (Similar from Shoptiques) // Asos Grey Mule Loafers