Tom Haverford Style: Loud Formal

Warning! High levels of swagger coming through.  - Tom Haverford aka Aziz Ansari.

Having trouble with standing out at boring charity balls, formal New Year's Eve parties, and other stuffy evening events? Tom and I are here to show you how to be the unique with the Loud Formal look brought to you by Rent-A-Swag.

Take off that bland blazer and opt for the most glitzy sequin jacket you can find.  You will be the disco belle of the ball or even just a disco ball.  Sequin jackets might be hard to find, but if you want to be the highlighted disco ball at your next social function, I suggest you invest in one. Who said you need to keep it normal societal standards at formal social gatherings?  Be the LOUD one. You're already short, so don't give people an excuse to overlook you. You will LITERALLY blind people when you walk in.  Not to mention, you're also set for the after party. No need to do an outfit change; just throw on some shades and a gold chain and you've got a completely different feel to your look.

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