Tom Haverford Style: On The Prowl

'Twas the last season of Parks and Recreation and not a person was happy, because this beloved show will be ending soon, quite sadly.  Tom Haverford is a character who knows how to dress.  His style is to the nines and known to impress. Which is why I took some of his great fashion advice and applied it to my own guise. 

I took Tom's "On the Prowl" and recreated a feminine version, but still just as sleek.  This is the perfect look for those Fridays when you go straight from work to the club.  The burgundy blazer really makes the black and white tartan scarf pop. Keep it buttoned to look more professional, or unbuttoned when you're ready to let loose.  People will know you are on the hunt for that new prospect whether it's at work or at a party.

Just dressing like Tom Haverford doesn't give you the swag.  It does give you the confidence though.  Try not to look directly into a camera to convey importance. Make sure you try out different angles, so you know which is your good side.  These are just some of the variables you should be testing out. 


This post's edition of "Standing Next to Tall Objects": That truck and I are about the same height, unfortunately.  Just thinking of the difficulty of getting into it makes me shudder.  

“Sometimes you gotta work a little, so you can ball a lot.” - Tom Haverford