Too Short for All The Pants


Let's talk about pants.  Pants are the worst.  You're probably expecting a few tips at the end on how to make pants not the worst, but sometimes it's okay to complain and not want a solution. Let it be cathartic.  So this is a pants rant and a little journey into how I came to a stand still with bottoms. Feet firm on this one.

Now I understand as someone who is 4'6" I am already an anomaly for people, but I'm also just as one in the petite world.  Petite size is usually any height that is 5'3" and under, according to ME.  No site actually agrees what the size for petite scaling is, which is the worst. You know you can still be a different body type even if you're short, but why can't this scale be a little more universal (for me)?

This means inseams are going to be all over the place depending on where you shop.  For instance, a 24x28 at TopShop won't fit the same as a 24x28 at Asos. However, I do trust Topshop fitting over Asos, every time.  Have you seen the images where people received Asos jeans that were twice as long??? Like no.  

My dilemma with pants started early on.  

Ankle grazer jeans that I still need to fold to make them be ankle length. 

Ankle grazer jeans that I still need to fold to make them be ankle length. 

Could it scrunch anymore? 

Throughout middle school and high school, I had the odd number of pants that I would wear routinely. Mind you, most of them were ill-fitted. My mom always liked to buy my clothes three sizes too big thinking I would grow into them. So things were lose in all the wrong places and had way too many capris as backup in middle school.   GUESS WHAT MOM?! I never grew.

When skinny jeans became popular, I thought these were the perfect solution for me. They are meant to be tight to the ankle, so if they are a little long I can get away with it. My first was a pair of bullhead black skinny jeans that fit comfortably even though they scrunched way too much at the bottom.  Literally looked like I stuck thick socks underneath my jeans all the time.  I realize now they were not as great as I made them out to be, but I loved them all the same and wore them most of the time.  

High school was questionable as well. I wanted to get pants that were more fitted for my height, since I gave up that I would grow any taller than I was at that point. I added a few more ill-fitted skinny jeans to my collection and tried to ditch as many capris as possible.  I didn't have as many options to choose from especially when it comes to Junior collections.  I dealt with the over-scrunching and stuck with a few skinny jeans, some crazy printed pants tailored for me, and a couple of the outdated flare jeans. I was a confusing mess of style and truly didn't get freedom to explore until I went off to college.

A Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Mentality

I was really inspired by the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  They found a pair of jeans they could all fit, and they bonded over that to keep their friendship alive. Take out the sisterhood from the jeans, and just focus on the fact that they found a pair that fit them perfectly.  That's the real gem. 

It wasn't until I got into college that I realized my skinny jeans shouldn't be THAT scrunched at my ankle, and I shouldn't be folding my pants over like three times just so they don't drag on the ground as much.  I decided that I needed to take my pants game to the right level. I'm an adult now, I gotta take charge.

I started researching inseam sizes and measuring my waist.  What works? What doesn't? Different stores fit different even if they say they are the "same size."  The only way to really to find the perfect jeans was to try em' all. (Maybe this is just an excuse for me to shop more.) With the discovery of all the new pants also came some disappointment. 

While I found pants that fit, I was introduced to a plethora of different pant styles like frayed jeans, culottes, and leather pants that I know won't fit or don't come in a petite style.  It was kind of a let down, there's just never enough options. You kinda have to develop tunnel vision and focus on the right jeans.  

Petite cropped plisse trousers that are not cropped enough. 

Petite cropped plisse trousers that are not cropped enough. 

So what are some my biggest dilemmas? 

  • Adult pants are made for taller adults.
  • Petite pants are made for taller petites.
  • Kids pants fit weirdly baggy.  
  • Petite pants also cost more.  
  • So much scrunch everywhere. Not just at the ankles.
  • Can't trust stores to have the same petite sized jeans.
  • Culottes aren't even cropped enough to be worn like normal pants. Wtf??
  • High-waisted jeans literally go up to my boobs....ughhh
  • The zipper folds up weirdly like I have a dick...or do I?
  • Forget about boyfriend jeans. Anything that is a bit loose is way too loose. 
  • Ankle grazer jeans don't actually end at the ankle and make you less cool when you tuck into ankle boots.

If you have any other complaints about pants, please share in the comments!