Up In Monochrome Flames

Blazing it up in this dress. 

The idea of a sweater dress isn't my favorite thing to think about.  Give me a great sweater, I'll love it. Sure, an oversized sweater sounds comfy to me. But a sweater dress? All I picture is a bulky wool sweater that goes past your knees and weirdly constricts your movements.  It's basically a thick body con dress sent from hell.

From my own insecurities, sweater dresses kinda hang on me like a child who decided to raid her mom's closet.  On the other hand, I do see the benefit of sweater dresses that can provide a warm formal look without sacrificing skin attacked by the cold.  What gave me new hope was actually a top from & Other Stories.  The details that makes this perfect:

  • It's not a dress, it's a tunic.
  • The silhouette is a fit n' flare style including the sleeves.
  • The design is like flames (THIS IS WHY I'M HOT)
  • It's classic and elegant.

This monochrome merino wool knit tunic fits me like a fit and flare dress sent from the gods of elegance.  Not only does the bottom flare, but the sleeves have a bell sleeve-like touch.  It's light and airy and makes me feel like a thousand bucks. The belt graces your mid section defining the waist between the fitted top and flared bottom.  An added bonus is the unique hemline that makes its way to the flared sleeves. It's a fine little detail that's subtle against a flame-like print. Paired with a pointed boot, it's an epic combination that elongates your legs more and has a classy feel to a look.  

Photos by Mikayla Christiansen