The Best Places to Find Petite Coats

My coat collection has grown a lot recently and it's because of I've discovered the haven for petite coats.  I've added a couple last year and a few more this year. All you really need is one good one, but when you find some trendier and unique ones, the collection just keeps growing.  

Finding a coat that fits you perfectly is a mission for  enduring the cold with style. It's especially hard to find petite coats that are trendy and timeless. I've compiled some of the best places to get petite coats and are my personal favorites. Check out the list below!

Tip: If you find a petite coat you love and in your size, buy it. You'll regret it when it goes out of stock FIVE seconds later. 


1. For the trendy - Asos

 Numero Uno place for the biggest in stock for high street petite coats is always Asos. Their constant addition of new items means you'll find your new favorite in NO time, and the next, and the next, and the next... If you need a coat that's on trend for the season, get it at Asos.

2. For the high style at a practical price point - Topshop

Topshop has great quality coats that look expensive but at a fraction of the price point.  Topshop does not have a big collection as other places, but the curation is magnifique and you won't go wrong with any choice you make here.

3. For the classic cool - Loft & Ann Taylor

I've grouped Loft & Ann Taylor because they are owned by the same company.  They both have the classic coats you want with the right amount of sophistication.  Your coat will be an investment that will sure to last the test of times.  

4. For the semi-budget friendly - Boohoo & Missguided

If you're looking for a coat on a budget, Boohoo has a great selection of petite coats that you can get for a good price with their endless voucher codes.  Missguided is in the same boat; their coats maybe a little higher priced, but they have plenty of sales for you to grab one for less. I especially love their 40% off discount codes to stock up on some items.

5.  For the brand snob - Nordstrom

I could list out all the brand names like Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and Vince Camuto,  but you can also find them and more at Nordstrom.  Nordstrom is brand heaven, and you'll find your new expensive and PETITE coat here.