The Classic White Romantics


While I jest that I'm very scared of the color white, I also tend to stockpile white tops in my closet. When you sweat through summer and your prone to smudges, white never seems like a good idea. I also never learn, so. Though, white is just a perfect color for the summer. Everyone needs to own that one white blouse that they can pair with anything.  Especially the flowy, romantic kind of fabric.

When I first learned about blogging, Sincerely Jules was my unexpected inspiration. She wore this Aritzia Beaudry top to Coachella, and I fell in love with it. It was the short sleeve, almost conservative top with crochet detailing around the neck, the sleeves, and layered on the hem. It caught my eye and kept me in a trance. At the time, I was in my second year of university and was super broke. It was way too expensive for me to justify the purchase when feeding myself was a bit more important. I was bummed because most items are seasonal, and I was most likely never going to find it later.  

Fast forward three years, as a full time working gal, I saw this top was STILL available, and I had to get it. It was that popular. It felt like things came full circle. While it doesn't mean success as a blogger particularly, it gives me a moment to reflect on where I was and where I am now.  Clothes can tell a story especially they act as the indirect vehicle to a goal. 

While this blouse is sold out, the Aritzia Wilfred collection has similar pieces to try here

I've styled the Beaudry blouse before when I was on the black sand beaches of New Zealand. Now I'm styling at the Osaka Castle in Japan. This is such a great day top and paired perfectly with some straight jeans and casual black mules. I feel put together, but fun for a heated day.  

Aritzia Beaudry Top

Aritzia Beaudry Blouse is XXS (Sold Out) // Asos Petite Patch Jeans (Sold Out) // Lack of Color Spencer Boater is S // Charles Keith Black Mules in Size 4 (Sold Out) // Zara Bucket Bag (Sold Out) 

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