A High Neck Tip That Can Help You Reach New Heights


Recently my friend took a Buzzfeed quiz for me that determined which of your friends is mostly likely to be a serial killer. The only option that she put me down for is the one most likely to own a turtleneck, and that apparently determined my fate to be a serial killer. It's technically a true statement, but I just happen to be a fan of the trend instead of for the morbid reasons... Most importantly they aren't all turtlenecks. 

Necklines are a great way to highlight a longer torso.  V-necks are the usual go-to tip, but I feel that high neck tops get overlooked and prematurely judged, since you're covering up more skin.  However, there's a difference between a high neck and turtleneck. High necks don't cover all of your neck while turtlenecks do, which can actually work to your benefit more. 

High Neck Top for Petites

High necks can lengthen your torso more than turtlenecks, because you're showing more of your neck. It's almost like your holding your head a bit higher.  High necks also have an air of sophistication and elegance thanks to its origin from the Victorian Era.   

I like talking about about how tucking is a great fix for loose clothes or looking more put together.  For this look, I opted out of the tuck, mostly because it was too hot. 

I feel the high neck gives shoulders a bit more structure without cutting the torso portion.  To balance it out I cuffed my Topshop Jamie jeans above my boots.  Jeans that end above your boots or heels are kinda like, "You know I'm so tall that my jeans don't go all the way to my ankle." Which is why you look taller than you are, at least I think so. 

This is a pretty simple look, but black is not really meant for this weather right now.  I was drenched after like 10 minutes.   Also boots were a terrible choice, but I was going for a style over comfort look here. A pair of wedges would be a great alternative. I don't think I look particularly serial killer-y like, but maybe that's the mystery.  

Some tips on wearing high neck tops for petite figures:

  • Don't go for the monochrome jean look.  I've worn this high neck top with a black midi skirt before and I was on the brink of making myself look shorter, but I balanced it with a flared out skirt. 
  • If you do wear jeans, definitely go for a high waist.  For further elongation try a flare jean for drama, defined waist, and long legs. 
  • Wear heels. Flats will make your whole look flat. 
  • Pulling off high necks is also dependent on your face structure and cleavage.
  • Never underestimate a good tuck, whether with a skirt or jeans.  
  • Material is also important, fitted knits work more for small chested individuals and crepe or chiffon are great for those who have ample cleavage.  

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