Why Don't You Tweed About It?

Not always frayed upon.

I feel little sassier and classier in all black.  Though, not having sunnies makes me a bit more self conscious.  They would have been black too.  Black is an essential element to most of my look, but I balance it out with a bit more color.  With tweed being a hierarchy to this top, I surrounded myself in dark cloud of my favorite color.

Tweed is a stuffy, boxy kind of fabric that shortens your torso.  It's the center of style for old conservative British men and women who want you to feel their offhanded sophistication.  It's not my cup of tea usually (I prefer Darjeeling), but I took a chance on a tweed and frayed top from Zara, and might have had a change of heart.   Normally, tweed is a heavier fabric, but this top was light and had a monochrome effect. When you find something that you don't like in your favorite color, it seems more acceptable to you.   

Black Frayed Tweed Top with Jessica Burman Lewis Biker Boots

For an uncharacteristic outfit for tweed, I went for an all black outfit paired with my favorite biker boots, the Givenchy biker boots dupes from Jessica Buurman.  These are very high quality dupes at a fraction of the price, and I'm in love. You know you love something when you want a back up pair of it.  Same goes for boyfriends.  My biker boots finish off a look of polished attitude. Add a briefcase crossbody and you can go as stereotypical British as you want without it being noticeable. 

This is the perfect dinner outfit with some friends when you want to feel a bit classy, but keep it chill. I even tested it out.  Though, funny story. As soon as I got home, I realized that my skirt zipper was very stuck and nothing was working to make it unstuck.  No online method, nada.  My sister and I ended up having to play tug-of-war and, needless to say, skirt is no more. Black skirts are my enemy. 

Zara Tweed Top (Sold Out) // Nasty Gal Wrap Skirt (RIP) // Zara Briefcase Purse (Similar) // Jessica Buurman Lewis Biker Boots

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Black Frayed Tweed Top with Jessica Burman Lewis Biker Boots