Why You Should Drop the Benjamins on the Reformation's Petite Collection

The Reformation says you don't have to be too short for high AND sustainable fashion.

It's hard enough to find petite clothes, but petite clothes that are also super stylish and environmentally friendly?  You might as well ask for a unicorn. Or at least you would have before The Reformation's petite collection came along.

The Reformation's whole message is based on combining sustainability with high fashion, and it's totally worth what you see on the price tags.  Their clothes are made from sustainable fabrics and vintage apparel. They use sustainable methods to make their clothes, like utilizing solar energy as well as using 100% recycled packaging to ship products.  Creator Yael Afalo is all about eco-friendliness and making a difference in the world.  She has definitely taken the fashion world by storm considering the Reformation started in 2009.

Who knew The Reformation would drop a petite collection?  Obviously, it's going to be fabulous. First of all the newest collection has the sassiest of names, which is "Don't Call Me Cute," and it's made for anyone 5'4" and under.  So, you know 4'6" does meet the requirements technically...  If you're short, you should know that this is best name for a collection ever, because The Reformation will make you feel classy not cute.  

The petite collection also has a variety of styles from maxi skirts, to two-piece sets, to floor-length dresses.  If you're as short as me, then we can relate on the struggles of finding maxi skirts and dresses that are not made for stuffy grandmas.  The Reformation is all about making their collections unique and carry only in free size.  Free size usually makes me hesitant, but with the Reformation I'm willing to give it a try. Here are some of my favorite items from their "Don't Call Me Cute" collection:

Left to right: Nairobi Dress // Raquel Dress // Nessy Skirt // Gisele Dress // Clinton Two Piece Set

While the Reformation may be a little above the budget for some, it's key to remember that you're not just buying a piece of clothing.  You're also contributing to the people who took the time to find sustainable fabrics, to use solar energy powered machines, and to pack your item in 100% recycled material.  This clothing has a great sassy message and it needs to be worn.

The Reformation is very exclusive and not available in any retail chains besides online and at their boutiques, so their clothing goes FAST.  There is even a waitlist for getting your clothes. SO f you're on a broke college student budget, I suggest you start saving up now if you want to get that Gisele Dress you've been eyeing.