Ying Yanging to Polka

Polka dots were so 50s, but not really.

I thought I'd go back in time a little bit more and bring some old-fashioned polka dots back. However, I combined some monochromatic style for a retro-minimal look.  

 In the past (which is a like a couple years ago), I've been into some funky patterns and crazy colors, but as I'm getting older and turning 21 soon I'm starting to get away from that.  I'm not as big as I was about polka dots before, but I just couldn't let this black and white skirt from Asos get away from me.  Its retro-classic style should be the new staple in the closet.  There's a lot you can pair with this skirt due its neutral colors, but it's fun and laid back.  

Most outfits  can definitely make you look shorter than you are or elongate you, but this ying yang polka dot style seems to be age neutral.  I don't ever feel like the 20 years I am, but combining some dapper black-white class with  fun polka dots really highlights the 20s where you should be gearing up for work life but still maintaining your fun edge.

Asos Polka Dot Skirt // Pacsun Polka Dot Shirt (Similar) // Forever 21 Monochrome Mule Loafers