4 New Albums to Listen to in June 2015

This is gonna be a new segment each month to look forward to.  I can't seem to keep up with all the new, good music coming out every month and the monthly playlist can only be so long.  I'll be sharing some new albums every month to check out! Here are my favorite anticipated albums that came out in June.  

1. Grand Romantic by Nate Ruess.

AHHA! I love this album so much.  If you don't know who Nate Ruess, he is the incredible voice behind The Format and Fun.  This album is so surreal.  There's just a bit of The Format, early Fun., and current current Fun. elements but with a little more personality. Songs range from upbeat to soothing with the signature Ruess and eye-opening lyrics. 

Songs to listen to: AhHa, Moment, It Only Gets Much Worse

2. Sentiment - EP by Verite 

While not a complete album, it just shows you how Verite can woo her audience with less tracks than other artists.  Her voice is very warm and ethereal, which gives her music an alluring effect.  

Songs to listen to:  Sentiment, Rearrange

3. Home Before the Dark by Kid Astray 

Kid Astray is a new group that I just discovered.  They have a laid back voice combined with upbeat, and synth music.  It's more different from all the other bands I listen, in which they have a sort of chill upbeat to them.  

Songs to listen to: Not a Kid Anymore, Day in June, No Easy Way Out

4. Kicker by Zella Day

I'm never been into female singers as much as I have now.  However, Zella Day is very hauntingly powerful.  Her voice just resonates with me and it carries through the whole album.

Songs to listen to: Compass, East of Eden