April 2015 Playlist

April brings with it lots of rain, humidity, trench coats and the infiltration of bugs.  From bees to butterflies to the inch worms that dangle in the air to catch a ride on your head, they are everywhere.  The newest playlist is just previewing what great things has already come and will come.

 While I'm still speculating whether fun. is still a band, we can still look forward to Nate Ruess strangely magical voice in his new solo single, "Nothing Without Love."  It's very Nate Ruess, which is technically a compliment because I like everything he does.  

The new All Time Low album Future Hearts is out now.  Low key, they will always be my favorite band and the new album is pretty good and MORE punk than pop. I take all their music as it is, so if I don't like a song it's because I genuinely do not like the lyrics or the melody that goes with it.  I could care less if their "new sound" is too different.  "Runaways" is the song I'm already abusing.

If you're looking for some new artists to love, take a listen to Circa Waves.  Their song "Young Chasers" is the song you'll be hooked on to with it's fast pace and catchy rifts.  I might be guilty of pretending to surfboard in my room..it just makes me want to move around.  

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