August 2015 Playlist

I've been super busy this month as I'm getting ready to begin my last year of university in a new apartment.  I'm already feeling the senioritis, but I'm yet to skip class yet.  I've been getting thought the unpacking and the stress, with some new tunes for August.

I love love love love  the Colourist, so I've been obsessed with their new EP and their song "When I'm Away." It's super whimsy and expresses my joy of being away (from home).

Apologies but August is full of happy and upbeat songs like The Mowgli's "Summertime" and PHASES "I'm in Love with My Life." Always play some optimistic songs to make your life less dismal.

Although, if you are still a die hard punk rock fan and just discovered that Mayday Parade has a new song then prepare your ears for "Keep in Mind, Transmogrification is a New Technology."