December 2015 Playlist

Hello, it's me. I was wondering why Netflix and chill when you can Adele and cry?

 If Spotify's Year in Review can say anything about my music taste this year, it's mostly just Twenty One Pilots and Fall Out Boy. The latter interest was sparked by a summer concert I attened in 2014. 

While I've bought more CDs this year than when CDs were actually popular, it's only because music just had a great year like the start of the Halsey era. 

Though, there is still a lot to look forward to in 2016.  Kicking off in January is Panic! at the Disco with their new album.  Their latest single "LA Devotee" is Frank Sinatra vibes meets 90s disco vibes with a touch of punk. 

A new band I'm looking forward to is Modern Space.  They have the indie pop vibes that have me hooked, and I have high expectations for even better music to come.  2015 set high standards for music with Adele debuting her best album to date with over 2 million albums sold.  I can't imagine what the music industry has in store for the future.  Who knows.