February 2015 Playlist

Oh the month of love.  Or as I like to call it Single Awareness Month.  I included a few love songs, but I'm not really a fan of songs that revolve around the concept of love. I'd rather hear songs about coming of age and random acts.  Though I did add Maroon 5's "Sugar."  It's got the old school vibes mixed with old school Maroon 5.  It's the only Maroon 5 song I can tolerate off their new album.

My friends are huge fans of Purity Ring, so I had to add their new song "begin again." It's quite catchy and pretty. Same goes for The Wombats' "Greek Tragedy", which is a little more ironic and fun.  

I've noticed the proliferation of female voices in music recently.  I never was the biggest fan of female musicians, but the new songs I've been listening are super good. Voices are more authentic and gritty instead of pure sweetness and superficial lyrics. Female-fronted bands are what's intriguing me, like  I'm a huge fan of MisterWives and getting pretty excited about their new album. 

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