January 2015 Playlist

New year, new month, new music.

My new year's resolution is to keep discovering new music.  I only know a handful of music compared to the millions of songs that are out there.  Yet, it's hard not to stick to your favorites.  I rediscovered my love for Fall Out Boy after seeing them live in summer 2014.  Now they have a new album coming out, so they'll be coming back for a few more playlists.  Walk the Moon's new album is also another one that I can't stop listening to. Everything is so catchy, and the beats are infectious.

Some new artists that I'll be looking out for in 2015 are Dresses, and Northern Faces. Dresses' new single "Lonely One" is surprisingly more whimsical than the title suggests.  It's short, sweet, and very lovable. Northern Faces' "Wait, Wait, Wait" is another catchy song to listen to.   The melody will have your head spinning, but in a good way.

2015 is already starting off on the right foot, and I can't find out what new music will be coming out.  The teenage girl that is still a little bit can't wait for the new All Time Low album coming in April, so I'm anticipating some new songs before then.

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