July 2015 Playlist

July has already been a pretty epic month for music.  Apple Music came out (although I'll always be a Spotify devotee) and New Music Tuesdays are now New Music Fridays. How will this play out? I have no clue.  Frankly I'd rather have new music on a Tuesday, because I like surfing through new music while I'm working.  However, Fridays might be better for CD sales and people who have time on the weekends. 

This playlist is a little more diverse, with some rap, and more pop included.  I love some good indie/folk music, but I have been listening Kendrick Lamar's "Classic Man." It's laid back, but has classy vibes. 

I've also been waiting for the 4th of July since January, because my favorite song off of Fall Out Boy's album American Beauty/American Psycho is "Fourth of July."  After listening to it almost every day for five months, I finally got to play it on the holiday.  

Another song I have been listening to Cloves' "Frail Love." Much like the title, it's a delicate slow song that's very pretty.

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