March 2015 Playlist

Get excited because it's already March. There are tons of new music to look forward to, especially new albums dropping like rain. 

A couple include MisterWives' highly anticipated new album Our Own HouseIt's not to disappoint and most likely to become the next best indie pop album.  Modsun's Look Up has also came out.  I'm a huge friend (since he has no fans) of his, and he's unlike your average underground rappist..I mean rapper.  Check out his song "Howlin at the Moon," which should be school NC State's new theme song.

I've been telling people to ask me how I'm doing just so I can play The Mowgli's "I'm Good." It's very catchy, and it tricks you into thinking you're actually doing good.   I'm pretty sure I accidentally conditioned myself into feeling better when I listen to this song.  Either way, it definitely helps you get through the day.

Every Passion Pit fan that's been incognito finally gets to dance, because there's new music and it's great.  Lifted up is definitely different but it has those old school Passion Pit vibes you fell in love with.  

There couldn't be a better time to get into new bands and artists, especially with new albums coming out.   Check out the rest of my playlists by following me on Spotify here.