May 2016 Playlist

It's gonna be May!

Cue the Justin Timberlake ramen hair meme, because JT just dropped a new song and I CAN'T STOP listening to it.  May is all about veterans making a come back.  From Radiohead to Blink 182, I think May was a great month for the nostalgics.  

I've been making these playlists for almost two years now, without any consideration of how many people actually take the time to listen to them.  I'm glad if you do, and you should take a listen if you don't.  Recently Peacock Affect reached out to me to be featured on my May playlist, so I took a listen.   I thoroughly enjoyed listening to "Spaceships," and decided they deserved a spot on my expertly curated playlists. 

As an album reviewer over at Lucy Out Loud, I'm very open about my musical taste and appreciate the efforts and ambition it takes to make music. If you anyone wants to be featured on a playlist feel free to leave a comment or contact me.