November 2015 Playlist

11 songs for the 11th month.

First off, I've realized I've been listening to the same three albums all of the November, so I'm starting to branch out again.  

The Neighbourhood has been my jam for this month and their latest album is amazing.  The band is perfect for the dark and cold months that come in the latter half of the year. My obsession is very new, but I can already say "R.I.P. 2 My Youth" is one of favorite all time tracks.

Accompanied with my The Neighbourhood obsession is a highly anticipated new track from the 1975.  Check out "Love Me" and tell me what you think.

Also featured is a new song by XYLO.  "L.A." Love Song" is such a great track.  It's the perfect amount of angst and indie pop you are looking for. 

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