about Zarrin

The most important thing you should now: 

I am 4'6''.  I am always the shortest in the group.  I will make you feel tall, that is my only role in life? However, to address every question that I get asked:

  • No, I don't have a disorder that stunts my height. Just bad genes & a lot of coffee.

  • No, I am not eligible for a handicap pass. Not that I haven't tried to get one.

  • No, I don't really shop in the kids section, other than for comfy pants.

  • Yes, I take advantage of kids' deals like cheaper movie tickets.

  • I buy the smallest size of everything possible. If the XS is sold out, and there is only S, I don't usually buy it unless the measurements are still fit for me.

  • I get carded like any normal person does when they order a drink, but with more skepticism.

  • There's only been one time where I didn't reach the height limit for a ride. I don't trust rollercoasters any way.

Everything else: 

I'm quiet happily the most flakiest blogger you'll meet, but  I have a sense of humor that is largely puns and pop culture related.  My fashion sense is a little bit of everything, but if we had to narrow down styles it would be conservatively edgy with a splash of minimalist and bohemian styles.  I'm completely obsessed with Tom Haverford and Ryan Gosling, and I make it a known fact.