Fancy Studying?

Dress like you're not going to the library on a Friday night.  

There's nothing like spending all your free time studying for exams and working on projects. Where does one find time to do something fun, let alone meet people? Maybe, the library. Hmm... a place full of people, where you can get your studying done, and also chill.  Well, here's an idea.  Let's all dress up like we're going somewhere fancy, then go to the library, sit next to a cute person, and ask "Fancy studying?" in a fake british accent. Genius, no?

Here's an outfit that was meant to be worn to an opera, but instead worn in a library.  I paired a high neck tunic dress with an embellished collar with my biker coat and some sparkly tights. My secret weapon is my Jac Vanek "You Don't Want To Know" canvas pouch.  It adds the mystery and danger by making others question what's her agenda and what exactly does she have in there.  This whole look is so outrageous to wear in a library, that it works.

"Is there a high class function going on here?" No, she's literally just studying.  But at least she looks good.

I picked up this "dress" at Urban Outfitters which was aptly named a tunic top.  If you ever find another tunic top at UO, please grab it. They are the perfect length for a dress on a petite person and they won't break your bank. You'll forever be thankful for making that purchase.

Even if the best place you wear a fancy tunic to is the library, at least it's somewhere that has cute people who are probably smart and have goals in their lives.  If people question you, just show them your pouch clutch and leave them even more confused.

Bonus picture: This red wall is horrendous, and I was not photoshopped.  It's definitely not a substitute for the red carpet.

Photo Credit: Anjali Patel