Got Mohair Did for the Cardi B of Cardigans

These expensive, these is grey mohair

It's fair to say that not many items can be worn oversized when you're a petite person.  One item I enjoy  roomy is a good cardigan.  As Cardi B mentions in her excellent song, "I make money move." I definitely made some move for this cozy mohair grey cardigan. 

I find cardigans to be one of most basic of the basic items, that can have very conservative undertones.  Though all it took was a zipper detail for me to impulse buy this & Other Stories cardigan.  It feels less grandpa-esque and more cool.  Plus, the ability to zip up is handy to keep warm.  Though I definitely feel more like an old man zipped up.  

I settled for a classic white tee look and added a double buckle belt for some hardwear.  The quality of this mohair is amazing and doesn't need much accessory to it.  Mohair itself can be pretty itchy, but I was surprised how soft this was cardigan happened to be.  The oversized fit is great for cooler temperatures for a comfy outfit.  Again outfits with no hassle are my favorite.  I'll definitely be sporting this one for winter brunches. 

And Other Stories Grey Mohair Cardigan