Cropped Trench Warfare

Trenching around the streets.

Trench coats are that trendy style that can make you feel like a bad ass detective from 60s movies.   A cropped trench makes you feel like the modern bad-ass detective that drives a Cadillac and always has a cigarette in their mouth. It's perfect for those who  love the trench coat style but can't pull off the long style, like me. However, cropped trench coats might be a little harder to style.

I paired this cropped trench coat with a collared blue and pink tye-dye shirt and some tight high-waisted blue jeans.   Double the collars, double the fun, but also double the "let me fix my collar real quick" action. The shirt has just the right amount of pop for the trench to work with.

The key to styling a cropped trench coat, from what I learned, is making sure you don't  aim for a loose silhouette.  The cropped trench tends to flare out and will make you a look bit frumpy with wide shoulders and make your torso look shorter if you pair it with a looser top.  However, if you tuck said loose and comfy top into a pair of high-waisted jeans, the cropped trench will give you a sleek and longer silhouette so that your petite self will rejoice.

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