Griddy Business

I'm in the business of grids. Let's take it from the top.   

I could have named this post "Fifty Shades of Grey", but that's fifty shades of lame.  I'm tired of these career advisers telling everyone to wear basic colors to your interviews.  Do I want to be defined as a boring person? Wear your basic pant suit or black and black blazer-skirt combo, and you'll be just labeled as another one of the million others they've interviewed. I'm already at a height disadvantage, so I don't need another reason for potential employers to judge me.  Plus, there's like an 80% chance you won't get the job anyways, so you might as well look chic while heading to your impending doom.

My outfit is a bolder work look, especially for an interview.  Instead of the usual black blazer, black trousers, basic blouse, and closed-toe heel look, I traded up for an open, light grey blazer, grid top, some trouser leggings and open-toed grey block heels. Mixing some light tones with black is always a good idea, especially with grey since it's a neutral color.  Instead of the normal trouser pant, I went with some trouser leggings or "treggings" that I found in petite size.  It borders on the line of business professional and business casual.  However, the grids add a facade of superiority and edge that you don't get with black pants.  The grey grids in the top are a great contrast to the black grids in the treggings for a more defined look. This super light grey crepe blazer is just the perfect added touch.  

If you're just as petite as me, don't skimp out on the heels.  Heels just make you look and feel more confident.  Almost like you're Napoleon Bonaparte on a horse.  There's just something about the faux height that sends out a strong aura.  

Reality check on trouser pants: I don't think I'll ever find a pair of trousers that are the right length, even from the petite section.  I've always had to hem my trousers to get them to fit right. Hemming is just a hassle.  Fortunately, they have started making treggings.  The idea sounds weird at first, like who even would wear these? People who hate loose dress pants and want skinny pants that actually look professional maybe.  However, after you buy a pair you realize they are comfiest pants you'll ever put on. I could run a 5k, do some parkour, and still look fine for a business meeting.  

Bonus photo: Sun was shining on me like I just received a job offer, but it was just an email for another Forever 21 sale.