Getting Away With Lazy and Luxe

Don't I look like a minimalist Carmen Sandiego?

 Has any one ever made you feel like a slob for wearing your leggings as pants outside? Usually these come as off handed comments as to why don't people try harder to dress up. Okay, but I just rolled out of bed 5 minutes ago, and I wanted to look the part.  I am a chronic late person and tend to be on the run every morning.  Being late means a quick easy outfit like leggings and an oversized shirt. My office is casual enough where this is alright, but obviously every one has a different opinion on leggings. However, playin' up leggings ain't gotta be hard.

Leather leggings is such a leisurely way to look luxe.  Especially when finding petite leather jeans is such a challenge.  For the days when I'm feeling too lazy but I want too look nice, I like to pull out a pair of leather leggings for an easy way to feel cool and have an (somewhat) easy outfit. I paired these with another  lazy and luxe trend-- fur loafers.  Started by Gucci, it's a comfy slipper that is acceptable to wear outside.  Mine are from Jeffrey Campbell which I guess would the hipster version of Gucci's. I love that I can slip these on, be welcomed by soft fur, and still look put together.  This makes for an easy way for you to not spend too much time on your clothes and offend less people with your laziness.

The bottom part of your body is figured out, but what about the top? A nice cozy color palette includes ice gray, camel, and black.  I especially love how this camel coat plays off the ice grey sweater for more a minimal and pastel look. Plus a longer coat extends your torso for a taller sillhouette.  The hat really makes me feel like the Carmen Sandiego of minimalists though.  What do you think? 

MIssguided Petite Camel Coat (Sold Out) // Asos Funnel Neck Sweater in Ice Grey (Sold Out) // Neiman Marcus Liquid Leather Leggings (Sold Out) // Sole Society Grey Boater Hat // Jeffrey Campbell Apfel Loafer