Wear No Regrets Cause I'm on Permanent Vacation

Channeling Leo Dicaprio's Yacht Style

Oh, what a trip! It's funny because now that I'm an adult I don't get summer vacations anymore but the kids make it contagious.  I want to also enjoy the longer days and all the cool things happening pretending I don't have work.   This may be why my style of choice recently wreaks of "Permanent Vacay" mood. It's the summer of no regrets and I wear it literally. 

While I've been away from social media in general, I have tried to be active outside of posting.  I've mostly stuck around with my friends, attending summer concerts, visiting sunflower fields, and planning day trips out of Raleigh. I also just discovered the Great British Baking Show on Netflix and it's brilliant. I've never met a group of contestants who were this friendly with each other (except for Diana, she sucks). I'm pushing that tired work feeling to the side for now and channeling my inner Leo DiCaprio from Wolf of Wall Street (sans cocaine and all the money).  

Paired with a minimal style grey striped bermuda shorts, I have created a pretty classy "day on the waters on my yacht" look.  Of course it's not my yacht, and I definitely would be trespassing for the photos.  With minimal flutter sleeves from the Reformation, linen shorts, and pair of easy mules,  it's a pretty easy going look meant for permanent relaxation vibes.  

 The words "I regret nothing" are stitched in my collar, which most of the time is far from the truth.  But it's a refreshing message to say that whatever was in your path you've accepted and you move on.  The Reformation will always be one of my favorite sustainable brands, but they know how to the keep the tongue-in-cheek vibe that I love. 

The Reformation Regret Nothing Top // Just Female Gibli Shorts // Lack of Color Velveteen Hat // Topshop Bow Mules in Blush // Spitfire Punk Sunnies 

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